Why I Left Social Media For 3 Months – Davido


Popular Nigerian musician, Davido has revealed why he left social media for some months.

Davido waved goodbye to social media on Wednesday, June 3rd saying that if people can’t reach him, he’s going to get in touch with them, saying he is going off social media to be himself and take care of himself.

The 27-year-old went away since then only for him to return on Thursday, Sept 10 to release his new single “FEM.”

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In an interview with Beat FM radio, Davido said he took time off social media because of his mental health, and also many activities he got himself into were beginning to take effect on him.

In his words:

There was a lot going on. I was on tour. I was on the road for nine years and it took a toll on me for like a month and I thought that I need a break. Even I was telling myself that it was just going to take a week. But I thought that if I don’t slow down now, it may end in me breaking down because I’m a very strong person. If I break down, imagine how many people that I’m taking care of will break down as well.


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