The possible side-effects of excess Vitamin C intake

Immunity has been the maximum searched key-word of the yr 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has made us all take our fitness seriously.


While there may be already a vaccine to fight the lethal virus, it would take an yr or earlier than absolutely each person is vaccinated. Till then, it’s actually essential to attend to our immunity the manner we had been doing withinside the past.

Boosting immunity has made us all devour diverse ingredients and dietary supplements. We all understand that ingredients wealthy in diet C paintings surprise for reinforcing immunity. We all had been loading up on Vitamin C ingredients in addition to Vitamin C dietary supplements.

But have you ever ever concept if ingesting an excessive amount of of diet C, much like some other component can backfire? Here is what takes place whilst you do that.

Going overboard with Vitamin C While having healthful ingredients, humans frequently neglect about the saying, ‘an excessive amount of of something is bad’. This common sense applies to immunity-boosting nutrients and dietary supplements too. Ignorance approximately how a whole lot Vitamin C is wanted with the aid of using the frame for healthful functioning can result in overconsumption.


​How a whole lot Vitamin C does your frame need? As in step with studies, the advocated quantity of Vitamin C is among 65-ninety milligrams in step with day. The top restrict is 2000 mg/day. Understanding it in phrases of meals quantities, one orange carries round fifty one mg of Vitamin C. Thus, ingesting oranges in step with day is greater than sufficient to offer you with a each day dose of diet C.

Side outcomes of ingesting an excessive amount of Vitamin C Though the top restrict to devour Vitamin C is 2000, which makes it very hard to over-devour the nutrient. Though while overdosed, the frame can display the subsequent symptoms.

– Diarrhoea

– Vomiting

– Heartburn

– Nausea

– Abdominal cramps

– Insomnia

– Headache

Simply discontinuing Vitamin C can assist relieve the symptoms.

Note: While ingesting Vitamin C is important, you ought to attempt to devour a healthful weight loss program that has all of the vitamins, which could assist your frame live healthy and healthful. Supplements ought to be fed on handiest while cautioned with the aid of using a doctor. Remember, dietary supplements can handiest make up for the vitamins which you couldn’t get from meals, they can’t update a meal.


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