The Playing Experience of “Vikings War of Clan”

The Playing Experience of “Vikings War of Clan”

The Playing Experience of “Vikings War of Clan”


For all those Role Playing games lovers out there. If you’re also good with strategy when it comes to economic or battle issues, then this is surely the game for you. Vikings: War of Clans had an exclusive “Hero” feature that illustrates simultaneously the player, the chef of the clans, and the monarch of the cities. It’s hard to get bored of this game because as you get deeper into it you’re required to finish lire and more quests and your responsibility on your city grows with time. You’re supposed to manage your resources, build your city, and recruit troops who will eventually fight at your side against other clans.

The game is all about two main goals. On one hand, conquering your “place of power” which leans having a part in the global map of the game, and also preserving it. On the other hand, you’ll want to make it to the top of the server global charts, through victory in the range of battles you chose within so many battle modes the game provides you with. You might as well determine whether you’ll attack as a group or you’ll engage in a one to one battle. It’s true that the attacks might seem unfair from time to time when a great player of level 20 comes on a level 2 struggling city. That’s why the game allows you to change your location or shall we say, your neighborhood up until you reach level 5. So it’s better if you didn’t rush into perfecting your land as soon as you get assigned to it. The thing is, this is a strategy game, so the best thing to do is to look for a geographically optimal location and earn yourself a few allies to back you up all the way through your journey.

As a matter of fact, nobody wins this game alone, that’s why it’s almost an obligation to form a clan or try and get into one. As much as it is technically possible to protect your residence with a hiding shield, you wouldn’t keep hiding for the rest of your game life. It is a strategy game and it thought so well about the details of regrouping. The players can merge into groups of up to 125 people, and the clan system features everything of a clan, from hierarchy aspects to group attacks and exclusive communication between the clan members. Players then are good with and war diplomacy gets to develop some clever strategies, the game doesn’t stop you from spying on other clans, contracting agreements, or negotiating with rivals. All those political skills of yours are more than welcome.

Battling in this game is extremely realistic as engaging in combat especially if you play troop leader in the Hero feature. It gives you the opportunity to take so many war decisions such as recruiting different soldier groups, each group responsible for a specific task, as well as training them and upgrading their skills in buildings you construct or get VIP passes specifically for increasing your battle skills and hiring more recruits to the army. And of course, you will get more and more powerful as you escalate levels.

The store in the game doesn’t provide you with so many high-stat items. And that’s not a bad thing at all because that way you need to earn them strictly along with the game. The deal is to collect enough sources for your desired item by completing quests and then build it in your castle shop (we thought it was suitable though to let you know how much the relationship between items and resources is uncorrelated, it’s obviously weird to see military tools boosting a farm). These quests can either be ordinary, accessible to every player of the game clan, that are unlocked once you join a certain troop of the elite that appear only to VIP players, as the VIP option naturally makes the game more affordable than the free one. In this case, it serves to save time and energy on building improvements and boosters.

After all, Vikings War of Clans is a pleasant game to whom you’ll easily find yourself fully engaged to it. Just try it and you’ll see in a week’s time.

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