Sponsored Post Request

Sponsored Post Request


You can easily sponsor a post on Naijaplaylist.com and this is how.

Naijaplaylist.com allow companies and advertisers to place sponsored posts on our website for its users to see.

Meanwhile, the content won’t be automatically posted. We’ll have your post content reviewed and fixed by our content writers.

Contact then we make a deal on Naijaplaylist.com

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Via – [email protected]

Via – WhatsApp – +2347059498822


  • Sponsored posts are articles that a blogger or website owner is paid to publish on their own sites by companies, businesses, and brands related to that site’s niche or topic.
  • Sponsored posts can be written by either the site owner/blogger or by the sponsoring brand itself. If you’re hired to write the post as well as publish it on your site, obviously you’ll charge a higher rate than if you’re essentially just renting space on your site.
  • Sponsored posts can take a variety of formats, such as reviews, summaries of an offer or offers, announcements of a sale, roundup/list posts, product announcements, videos, infographics.