[REVIEW] Wizkid’s ”No Stress” Is Typical and Outrightly Ridiculous

Putting into consideration that Wizkid hasn’t released anything genuinely relevant in a while, ‘No Stress,” does a wonderful job taking us down that familiar terrain of toxic lust, mediocre sexual activity, deep-seated insecurities, and strikingly weightless content.

The song started off nice with the thumping yet melodic beat but in no time, bleeds its way into the shrubs of underwhelming contents, Wizzy’s laziness and nonchalance are brought to fore by his attempt at proving his prowess in the sheets with his choice of icky and silly lyrics (I feel, his need to rhyme birthed the many cringe-worthy below par lyrics on the second) and the sampling of ”One Thing” by Amerie, I mean come on now!

Wizzy’s plan to create a follow up to “Fever” sees him ultimately emulate its the characteristic vibe on “No Street”. This can be seen as a success, as both songs showcase his mediocrity, a clime Wizkid seems to be all too familiar with settling in.

”No Stress” sees Wiz, sampling his “Bad energy” record which featured Skepta, as I could hear the semblance in the starting lines of “No Stress” and the flow used for the hook of his 2018 smash hit, Bad energy. “She tell me, “Badman, see, I need your love, I need your love”… does remind me of, “I got the pretty pretty lady wey no like no stress, She got her own but she need some love”

Despite all this, the record’s smooth soundscape does a fine job at creating a sense of ease, entertainment and fun, with it’s splashes of distinguished pan-Carribean rhythms. Still this is not enough to ignore Wizzy’s failed attempts at writing his way out of mediocrity.

”No Stress” is so underwhelming that everything on the record largely falls under two categories – typical or outright ridiculous. Asides rising above being a typical strip club anthem, ”No Stress” is a party-starter, of course, after a couple of drinks but, it bears none of the immediacies that could make a song a huge hit.

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Credit:- Mhojohub

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