Preliminary Showing of Minecraft Earth

Preliminary Showing of Minecraft Earth

Preliminary Showing of Minecraft Earth

Completely new Earth version exclusively designed for mobile phones. Players are defined by a roving real world in which it is necessary to collect supplies and create goods using the AR power.

We were lucky to get early access to this application to write for you a detailed review of what to see it coming. To start the game, you need to log in to your Microsoft profile. After that, you will be granted access to create our character. You can create it for every taste, as different free variations of apparel, hairspring, and style are available.

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Well, then we plunged into the game itself without having a clue what is going on. This is perhaps the first comment to the developers, there is not enough guidance at the beginning of the game.

The newest game version is thought out to the smallest detail and if you played Pokemon GO at least once, then you will quickly figure out what needs to be done in this game.

Image multiplication is amazing as well. Everything works so swimmingly and pleasantly that we enjoy everything we click on. We wanted to plunge into the world of this game, to understand how it was created, so we flicked all the objects that came across on the way.

Progamerage | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

This version is similar to the miniature one from Minecraft. One-click is enough to smash things, collect new inputs, or put what you created from them into your pint-sized world. Masterminding undergoes detachment in between and works almost the same way as it did in the regular version of Minecraft. They provide you with an assembly of techniques for creating new elements, cabinets, constructions, and much more.

The pick of the basket about the latest version is that you can manage your build plate as you wish. You can install it in your home or carry it with friends and make a parade of your achievements.

All the same, our only complaint is that for beginners there is not enough training in the basics of the game. Every day you get a sequence of completely new defiances, after completing you will be rewarded with additional bonuses.

All this is comparatively easy to go through, and usually, they include what you have ever done during the game. Also, it stimulates you to make more adventures in a day. Besides, you can still use the power of AR. It can help you get the extraordinary supplies in the game, therefore, definitely, we advise you to use this assistant as often as possible. You can also call a friend to encourage you in battles and everything that you or your friend gathers for a level is divided among everyone.

Our first aftersounds of the game are highly positive. An excellently composed and filled game, graphics at the highest level, everything works without a hitch and provides the player with a wide choice of actions that he can carry out.

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